Hella Loud... Check!

Hella Flavor... Check!

Hella Lit... Check!

This. Is. Hella Hemp!

Welcome to a place where you are free to enjoy all the benefits, flavor profiles, aromas and everything you love about cannabis, but without the heavy psychoactive high. Hella Hemp was created by a group of like-minded friends who suffered from ailments such as insomnia and anxiety. They found difficulty dealing with the stresses imposed upon them in their day to day life, and pharmaceutical options did not appeal to our weary friends... that’s when they discovered the benefits of the bountiful hemp plant! From that moment forward, the friends were determined to share their experience with a larger community of their peers. On the heels of it's wider appreciation, Hella Hemp was born. After an intensive search for farms and a hyper critical selection process, Hella Hemp is proud to present superior quality Hemp derived CBD products to the world! Smoke Hella, and remember it’s not just Hemp... it's HELLA HEMP!