CBD Blueberry AK

1 Gram Pre-Roll




Heyyyy. I’m Blueberry AK, a flavorful lad that bursts in your mouth. All it takes is one toke of my succulent terpene infused flower and you will love me forever. To be honest, I’m the best of the bunch, but don’t tell them that. I’m smooth, attractive and fun to be around. Everybody asks me, Blueberry, you are so sweet, but why the aggressiveness, what’s up with the gun? - well I tell them, if you have something to say, you may as well say it loud, Hella Loud!

I’m a CBD flower known for my calming effects and providing a sensation of happiness. I’ve been associated with lounges, raves and treating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and everyday stress - phew! Given my upbeat effects, I may be useful in treating mood disorders. I have a musky odor with berry notes and a fruity, Kush-like flavor. Add me to your shopping cart now!