CBD Grape Ape

1 Gram Pre-Roll




Cheerio. Grape Ape here, just popping in to give you the low down on the most ripe and potent flower of the lot. I’m speaking about myself of course. Go on then, give us a go, discover for yourself, a truly simpatico flower that speaks to your indulgence. Looking for a bit of chill out? That’s right, I’m your guy. Add a level of sophistication to your smoke. Like a fine wine, I’m a high class gent that likes to accompany you in your times of darkness or your quest for tranquility. Don’t be mistaken by my soft tone, if you test me, I can really let it roar - loud, Hella Loud! I am an ape after all.

I’m a mostly indica strain named for my distinct grape-like smell. I’m known for providing a blanket of relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety. Often taking on a purple appearance, I deliver a sweet grape flavor and long-lasting effects. How is CBD used? What is CBD flower? Only the best way to chill out I say. Where to get CBD flower? Just check your local smoke shop - you can even order right here online.