CBD Orange Soda





Orange Soda! Orange Soda! It’s me Orange Soda! Hi everybody I’m Orange Soda! There, now you who I am, who are you? Are interested in CBD? Great, let me tell you about myself. I like collecting baseball cards, yes, I love it! And what else? I like making mix tapes. The guys at Hella Hemp, say I’m a bit wacky, but I think it’s something to do with my carbonation and super sweet orange flavor. Personally, I think you would just really enjoy it, enjoy me. Try me, smoke me, tell your friends and we can make a party! A Hella Lit Party, ha ha ha!

I’m Powerful - look out - positive, upbeat, social and bursting with flavor. I’m Orange Soda! I am a Sativa-dominant strain with a super sweet tangy flavor and aroma. I’m crossed with Mandarina and Sour Diesel to produce a powerful cerebral sensation. I’m a great strain for enjoying during the day because I help you feel great, creative and full of energy.