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Nnnnnngh. Am I alive? Is this real? Am I, dead? This body feels different, my hands are not my own. My aroma has been altered, my taste is some how, different, but, better? Could it be? Like Frankenstein's monster, I roam the earth providing a smoke that is nothing short of sweetness. I am made up of a mix of Grape Ape crossed with Grapefruit and another mix that I can not define. If this is what it is to live, then it is my destiny to be sweet. Smoke me to relax, gain focus and feel the light of happiness that escapes this tattered remains of what once was.

I am an indica-dominant mix that produces a taste that is nothing short of candy-like - thus my name, Zkittlez - Zkittlez, the monster. My flower bursts a fragrant aroma of tropical fruit that provides a succulent smoke. My effects are calming, providing smokers with focus, while feeling happy and relaxed. Get yours today...